Graffiti and Street Art in Whanganui

A view of graffiti and street murals in Whanganui, through my eyes.

"People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish, but that's only if it's done properly." Banksy

Welcome to my web page.

I am a graffiti hunter and this page will show some of the collections from my "treasure hunts" around Whanganui to find graffiti.

My treasure hunts take me to some interesting hidden away spots but this is where the really interesting graffiti (or tagging as some may call it) occurs. There are the empty walls, buildings around the city, and the train carriages. It is amazing to what lengths the artists go to in reaching their desired spot.


Rat on stairs Rat sneaking in Horse

Artist: Mikaere Gardiner

Mikaere Gardiner's (aka ENO) murals grace the walls of towns and cities in New Zealand. These three images are of murals he created in various sites in Whanganui.


High Wall Blank Canvas Look up to see Have can must spray Empty brick wall Birds appear

Went for a stroll to the mall one lunch time. The treasures I found are displayed in these images. The artists certainly take risks to get their work out there. Not appreciated by all, but worth looking for.

Video featuring Otautahi Street Murals, Christchurch

Christchurch's world-renowned collection of street art grew much larger in 2017. Ten new street art murals were created in central Christchurch, Lyttelton and New Brighton by artists from New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Canada and Britain. The artists began creating the new murals on large walls across the city on 21 December 2017 as part of the new Street Prints Otautahi festival.